RECKEEN 3D Studio is a PC based system with an option of importing files in OBJ and FBX formats and objects from its own editors.

Up to two 4K camcordes or up to four Full HD (4x HDMI or 2xHDMI and 2x SDI – depending on the version) can be connected to the Reckeen workstation, their signals will be keyed independently in a high quality. This means, in your virtual studio you can get up to four talent shots taken by four cameras in different locations. In addition, you have four virtual cameras with full range of motion available: pan, tilt, zoom, dolly, truck, arc, pedestal, cant and so on. Their positioning and switching between them reflects the cameraman’s natural movements. Up to 15 shots can be assigned to each of the cameras. By default, they are set by the virtual studio designer and defined in the project, but you can customize them to fit your needs.

Controlling virtual cameras is easy and convenient thanks to the specially designed VKey-100 keyboard with joystick.