Reckeen VKey100 Control Panel – Precise control over
real-time video operations for professional use.

With Reckeen VKey 100, you can have control over multiple functions of the Reckeen 3D or LITE Studio. We have designed it to be operators’ working environment friendly, functional, modern and reliable, but also to be affordable. Our control panel combines ergonomic design, top-quality precise mechanics and versatile functionality. Its main features are:


Power Supply 12V / 500mA

Safe power supply voltage.


Communication interface RS232

To connect to the Reckeen Studio system.


Joystick and T-bar calibration functions

These functions allow precise calibration of both handles at any time.


Adjustable brightness of the buttons

Precise control over brightness for maximum user comfort.


Joystick XYZ (3-axis)

With this multifunctional joystick you can precisely manipulate the virtual cameras’ movements in a virtual space.


Comfortable T-bar Fader

With a contactless Hall Effect technology using magnetic sensor and angle measurement.
A smooth consistent feel is achieved by utilizing Teflon bearing surfaces and steel ball races.


Mechanical adjustment of the T-bar resistance

It ensures a smooth and precise forward and backward movement of the T-bar handle.


Buttons backlight function test

Users can perform the test themselves.


91 LED illuminated button

91 LED illuminated buttons for heightened visibility of control surface activity.

The VKey100 control panel stands for ergonomics, high performance, premium craftsmanship and style.